Sunday, June 12, 2016

Ignited Local Marketing Director

Why I become a Marketing Director for Ignited Local -
Ignited Local Agent Marketing Director

My name is Chris Jones and I was looking for an opportunity that would provide a real legit way to make money online. As a hobby I have been building and ranking sites for over 10 years now. I had recently started a part time business of ranking businesses locally.

The issue with ranking businesses myself is the amount of work involved always slowed my progress of looking for the next client. So in order to make it worth my time and effort the fees I charged were on the rather high side.

That is when I found Ignited Local. Here I could go out and find new clients to develop online marketing strategies for. Then have the Ignited Local team handle the website design, SEO, content generation, social media marketing and so forth freeing up my time to bring in more new clients.

With Ignited Locals automated factory assembly system developed through their proprietary software it only made sense.

I have to say that after talking to the owner and seeing the operation he had setup it was a simple decision for me.
Ignited Local Marketing Director

On top of that Ignited Local is designed with the customer needs in mind first and foremost. There are a lot of SEO companies that want large upfront fee's only leaving the customer with a website but no customers.

This is where Ignited local sets its self apart from the rest of the companies out there. By being a Sales Professional or a Marketing Director with the company you get to offer you customers a marketing package in a box.

The company wants to keep customers coming back and therefore they have to provide results. Ignited Local is interested in providing top service and provide customers a ROI (Return on Investment) and this is what has made me so excited about working with the company.

I had never been involved with a company that truly cares about its customers more than Ignited Local.

So why did I signup as a Marketing Director?

After seeing all the positives listed above I knew there would be more people who would want to work for a company like this.

Seeing that to become a Marketing Director for Ignited Local is only $50 a month plus a one-time setup fee of $250.00 for a total of $300 it was a easy decision for me.

The costs were so little compared to other business opportunities out there. I can work from home. I can work the job part time or full time. No sales quota and no territories. This in its-self is enough a reason to join.

35% Commissions on setup fee's and monthly fee's! That is residual income! That means month after month that these businesses pay for this service and stick around your making 35% of the monthly fee's!

Residual Income is the Holy Grail when it comes to sales jobs. One paying out 35% month after month is even rarer.
Join Ignited Local

The Marketing Director is even in a better position than the Sales Professional spot. Marketing Directors get the opportunity to hire a sales team and earn 10% off their sales. That means you earn 10% each and every month a Sales Professional you bring in the business makes a sale.

Then on top of that if you bring on another Marketing Director you get 5% on anything their Sales Professionals bring in.

So in conclusion $300 for an opportunity like this was a no brainier. I have wasted more money than $300 on scams in the past.

A couple of points I missed about being a Marketing Director:

Half your monthly fee goes into a CO-OP fund for advertising

You get a CRM (Client Relationship Management) System

Email with Auto responding

Website with funnel for business customers

Website with funnel for Sales Professional / Marketing Director recruitment.



Flyers, Business Cards, Postcard templates and more

All for that small fee.

One thing I did forget to mention is there are no costs to become a Sales Professional - the Sales Professional + is $25 a month with no setup fee and with it you do get a website with funnel to refer business customers to. When they go to your special site and input their information they are automatically added to your back office.

There are more reasons but these are the main points why you should join Ignited Local today. You can visit my page at to get signed up.

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